• Scenario planning
    Country risk scenarios for South Africa for a large diversified mining company

    Eunomix conducted a comprehensive assessment of South Africa's political economic performance since 1994, leading to a diagnosis of key factors and levers affecting current and future performance. On this basis, Eunomix identified three plausible scenarios for the future performance of the country. These were extensively discussed with the client (Exco and Board), implications for the company were assessed, and influenced diversification and acquisitions, and stakeholder engagements.

  • Investment climate risk mitigation
    Country and infrastructure risk advisory to a junior iron ore exploration company in Central Africa

    Eunomix conducted a local baseline risk assessment ahead of exploration, which encompassed safety and security policies and protocols, and the conduct of local community pre-consultations and compensation. Further work included due diligence on local partners, designing an exit strategy focused on avoiding threats to the ‘political licence’, and developing an infrastructure concept study. Our work with the client has greatly improved relations with local government and communities.

  • Supply chain risk management
    Supply chain risk assessment for a global mobile phone manufacturer in the Democratic Republic of Congo

    Eunomix conducted a two-phased due diligence for a global mobile phone manufacturer, delivering a country risk assessment for the DRC, specifically related to the mining supply chain, and a focused examination of three selected copper-cobalt mining companies. This included an assessment of their historical performance, management and reputation. Through Eunomix’s recommendations, the client was able to confidently select a cobalt supplier that met its own standards of integrity and responsibility.

  • Energy risk strategies
    Energy supply risks in South Africa

    Eunomix undertook a strategic risk assessment of the energy sector in South Africa in order to assess our client’s long-term power vulnerability and to develop options for the diversification of energy supply. Based on the identified risks, Eunomix developed options to secure emergency back-up power to maintain safe operations through a blackout.

  • Due diligence
    Due diligence on acquisition target in high risk jurisdiction in Africa

    We conducted an in-depth due diligence on a potentially risky acquisition target operating in a high risk jurisdiction for a large resources company. We were able to comprehensively identify key risk areas arising from the operating environment, the target’s business structure, the nature of the assets owned by the target, the way these assets were acquired, and potential compliance and legal issues. We also ascertained the target’s key value proposition. This due diligence played an important role in our client’s decision not to proceed with the acquisition.

  • Integrated strategy formulation
    Integrated strategy framework for Zimbabwe

    Eunomix designed a strategy framework for a major PGM producer that would give our client the agility to shift resources tactically, but within a consistent strategy. To achieve this, we analysed the evolution and effectiveness of our client’s strategy; we conducted in-depth statistical and qualitative analyses of the external factors (FX rates, commodity prices, government, labour, socio-economic pressures, etc.) to prioritize key external value-drivers. We then defined the relationship between the operational factors and external factors and how these factors drive value. These interrelationships were used to design a framework that allows our client to formulate strategy that is both value-creating and value-protecting.

  • Policy and legislative analysis
    Analysis of legislation and policy advocacy in South Africa

    Eunomix has conducted in-depth analysis of the MPRDA’s efficacy, constitutionality and legality and engaged in policy advocacy on behalf of clients, with positive results. Furthermore, Eunomix made submissions to the Davis Tax Committee on transfer pricing and analysed the relationship between the revised BB-BEE codes and the Mining Charter. On the latter, Eunomix advised clients on implications for compliance and licencing.

  • Scenario analysis
    Country risk profile and scenario analysis in Zambia

    A comprehensive analysis of the political, economic, social, legal and regulatory status quo in Zambia was delivered to the client, using public domain information, data analysis, original research, and source-based interviews. The final report was used to guide senior leaders and the board on investment and capex decision-making for Zambia.

  • External factor analysis
    Mining transport infrastructure risk mitigation in Cameroon

    Lack of adequate infrastructure represent a key constraint to development in Africa. It presents a significant risk for all stakeholders. In this project, Eunomix has developed a pre-concept for an iron ore mining project for initial design, routing, costing and engagement with government. The objective of the project is to propose a positive sum-game solution to the government.

  • Sustainability
    CSR strategy in South Africa

    Eunomix has conducted a comprehensive performance review of a large mining company’s CSR/LED/SD framework in order to assess whether it provides what is required in the client’s context.


  • SEZ Strategy
    Zimbabwe SEZ strategy
    Eunomix facilitated the creation of a Ministerial Cabinet SEZ strategy, which led to the adoption of a new SEZ law in 2016. The SEZ strategy is now under implementation. 

  • Investment climate reform
    Pre-feasibility study of a pilot commercialization project for industrial estates in Lesotho
    Eunomix undertook an overall national assessment of Lesotho’s factory shell programme by analysing the baseline supply of factory shell space and the financial performance of the programme. Furthermore, Eunomix developed

  • Infrastructure
    Technical assistance in the implementation of Senegal’s industrial policy
    Eunomix provided technical assistance in the implementation of the industrial components of Senegal’s national economic development plan, which aims to develop three integrated industrial platforms in the next 5 years.

  • SEZ strategy and implementation
    Ethiopia’s SEZ strategy
    Eunomix provided guidance to the Government of Ethiopia on its Special Economic Zone strategy, notably for the creation of a vision, project formulation and management process.

  • Spatial development
    Master planning for the city of Kinshasa
    Eunomix provided project economists for the future master plan of the city of Kinshasa, one of Africa’s largest metropoles. This project was undertaken as part of a team assembled by