Fast-rising geopolitical & country risk (GCR) can rapidly overturn strategies and expose key corporate values to heightened risk. GCR has become a strategic issue that significantly impacts corporate performance and resilience. It mobilises a growing amount of executive time and corporate resources. It requires upscaled governance.

Developed in partnership with clients, EunomixGCR offers a pioneering solution. Covering security, politics, the economy, society and the environment, it is rooted in our belief that the management of these risks must match that of other key strategic issues – market and competitor dynamics, operational and financial performance, etc.

The strength of EunomixGCR is its unique architecture:
1. A big data engine that generates objective GCR information, analysis and forecasting.
2. A GCR model informed by rigorously applied theory.
3. A GCR management process that fits into planning, ERM and performance management.

EunomixGCR’s reliance on data greatly reduces subjectivity and partiality and turns insight into actionable knowledge. It delivers a precise analysis of clients’ risks based on quantitative baselines and forecasts. It supplies objective understanding that is readily applicable through corporate processes like scenario planning, risks mapping, SWOT, PESTEL, risk mitigation and risk reporting. It is scalable across divisions and jurisdictions to provide both local and aggregate risk management.

EunomixGCR is an unmatched GCR management tool.

  • EunomixGCR supports the incorporation of rigorous geopolitical and country analysis into medium- and long-term strategy. It provides clients with a comprehensive view of how geopolitics and country dynamics interact with their other performance determinants. With EunomixGCR, clients can identify and bank on opportunities.
  • To governments, we offer: investment climate reform; growth strategies; competitiveness and incentives development; country competitive benchmarking; special economic zones strategy and implementation; spatial development, economic localisation and infrastructure planning; economic diversification and sectoral strategies – including clusters development and demand forecasting; project structuring; project and bankable feasibility development

The power of EunomixGCR arises from its ability to:

  • Analyse data from any standpoint – inter-country, intra-country, indicators, period, etc.
  • Detect patterns and establish statistical relevance – position, correlation, dispersion, etc.
  • Generate new, customised indicators through the combination of existing ones.


EunomixGCR is an innovative GCR management solution designed to meet that requirement.

EunomixGCR big data engine includes over 280 countries, groupings and country classifications (Africa, Brics, High income, OECD, etc.), up to 60 years of data, and forecasts to 5 years ahead. It currently holds over 6 000 primary indicators on security, politics, the economy, society and the environment. Its ability to generate new, customised indicators is an innovative and powerful analytic function, unmatched in the industry.